What’s New in DeFi, January 14 — January 24

January 24, 2020
What’s New in DeFi, January 14 — January 24

Here’s our regular roundup of the latest happenings in the DeFi space.

Equilibrium releases its monitor system

Equilibrium’s new system monitor is a dashboard-style interface that gives users a heads-up display for live statistics on the EOSDT stablecoin and NUT utility token. The monitor system shows total supply of these assets and the collateralization level across Equilibrium’s debt positions. You can read more about it here.

Crypto pros look forward to 2020 for DeFi

Camila Russo The Defiant newsletter and David Hoffman of the Crypto POV podcast came out singing DeFi’s praises for 2019. They make it clear that 2020 only holds more positive impact for financial services as DeFi continues to ramp up. Check out their podcast here.

Liquidators get credit for making DeFi work

Tom Schmidt of cross-border crypto asset investing firm Dragonfly Capital has written an elaborate Medium post that explains the important role that liquidators play in the DeFi space. He describes how liquidators operate at projects like Compound, MakerDAO, and dYdX.

A major asset management firm contemplates offering digital assets to its clients

WisdomTree might become the first US financial firm to offer crypto-enabled products to its customers. Corporate strategy director William Peck issued a statement that describes the rationale — simply put, they see a big opportunity.

The total value locked in DeFi dApps could jump to $100 billion in 2020

DeFi lending increased 2.1x in 2019, and that growth can only continue if people continue to lock up their digital assets in DeFi projects accordingly. Some Twitter crypto-pundits suggest it could go as high as nine figures this year.

What’s it like to be an asset manager in the future?

Melonport CEO Mona El Isa wrote a speculative Medium post that imagines what an asset manager’s worklife will be like in 2030. Hint: it involves being pretty crypto-savvy.

The biggest Bitcoin investment trust says the hedge fund demand for digital assets is booming

Grayscale Investments took in $608 million last year while letting accredited investors buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. It reports that an overwhelming majority of that revenue — 71% — came from institutions like hedge funds. According to Grayscale’s own data, that’s a further improvement over last year’s 66%.

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