We’re Teaming Up With Scatter

January 28, 2020
We’re Teaming Up With Scatter

The latest project to join forces with us at Equilibrium is Scatter.

Scatter is a multi-blockchain signature, identity, and reputation desktop application. They have recently adopted a new philosophy towards cryptocurrency: the idea is that tokens are for using applications, except for stablecoins.

It’s only stablecoins and protocol level cryptocurrencies like EOS, ETH, TRX, and BTC that demonstrate true fiat value for their systems in Scatter, so they are adding new features to the product that will make it easy for users to convert between volatile and stable digital assets. Users can even stake their assets to protect them long term.
Our beloved EOSDT stablecoin will be listed as one of the basic currencies compatible with this new functionality. Now it’s easy for Scatter users to generate their own decentralized stablecoins and use them as a steady, predictable source of value derived from their volatile digital assets.

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