We’re Partnering With Network Validator Ryabina

January 15, 2021
We’re Partnering With Network Validator Ryabina

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with one of the most recognized network validators in the community called Ryabina.

Ryabina works as a validator, indexer, and oracle for a number of networks, including Polkadot, Kusama, Celo, The Graph, and more.. Equilibrium will join that list of supported networks, while we add Ryabina to our existing stable of network validators. That list already includes staking4all, P2P.org, W3F, Simply VC, and more.

Validators collect crypto rewards for running the essential infrastructure that DeFi platforms require to function. Our partnership with Ryabina will yield enhanced reliability of our interoperable money market services and increased support for our proof-of-stake consensus mechanism — its geographically dispersed data centers and interconnected servers run on a private network.

Ryabina will furthermore build a Telegram chatbot that runs on our network. When that chatbot is publicly unveiled, it will serve as a text-based interface for interacting with Equilibrium. Users will be able to track events and positions in Equilibrium and create custom alerts. They will also receive Telegram messages with important notifications about crucial events in our DeFi protocol — critical collateralization levels, margin calls, etc.

All told, we’re pumped to kick off 2021 with this mutually beneficial partnership as we continue on our mission to unlock the full potential of the DeFi market. The future is interoperable, so watch this space for what happens next.

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