Track EOSDT market data on Coin360

May 24, 2019
Track EOSDT market data on Coin360

EOSDT has been listed on Coin360, an interactive analytical portal about cryptocurrencies that provides a comprehensive view of the current state of the cryptocurrency market data including prices, crypto rates, market cap and volume in a visually engaging and easy to understand format.

You can now conveniently track EOSDT price movement, follow the size of its market cap and get a summary of the transaction volume. Coin360 features highly-customizable watchlists that enable users to assemble and then visualize a combination of assets, in order to compare them, track their relative performance and sort them.



About Coin360

Coin360 is an interactive cryptocurrency infographic created to display current data on the cryptocurrency market, indicating the cryptocurrencies market capitalization, exchange rates and live prices. Each infographic block of the widget has a different size and color, and a cryptocurrency ticker, such as BTC, ETH, XRP. The size and color of each block have their own meaning.

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