Tidal Finance Will Offer Decentralized Insurance To Equilibrium Users

January 05, 2021
Tidal Finance Will Offer Decentralized Insurance To Equilibrium Users

There’s little to no certainty in the crypto markets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t smooth its rough, volatile edges.

Tidal Finance is a multi-chain open market for programmable insurance that lets users create custom insurance plans for multiple digital assets. It offers pool statistics and ranking in a Polkadot-based ecosystem, making it a highly efficient market for smart contract insurance.

Now Tidal Finance has joined forces with Equilibrium to provide decentralized insurance to Equilibrium users as they lend, borrow, and collateralize their assets. By rewarding pool creators with a portion of the return from their deposits, Tidal maximizes the kind of capital efficiency that can attract limited partnerships while offering a competitive insurance premium that attracts buyers.

We’re excited to work closely with the Tidal team to deploy a high quality decentralized insurance platform. With Equilibrium, Tidal Finance can offer the highest quality decentralized insurance marketplace that is open and efficient.

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