The Results Of Our Latest Contest Are In

February 28, 2020
The Results Of Our Latest Contest Are In

We organized a little contest for our Korean community, and we’re happy to share those results now.

We asked those who wanted to enter to complete a short quiz about how they use stablecoins, then to join our Korean Telegram group.

We picked five winners at random using ForTube. Here are the EOS accounts that won — all winners have already received their prizes:

Our winners

After everyone completed the survey, we were able to generate some interesting results. Most of the people who responded use the EOS blockchain specifically for trading, but we have a window into the other blockchains they might use for other applications as well:

More than half of our respondents (55.3%) use crypto assets for trading, we also can see a big share if crypto enthusiasts and less than 1% has now idea about anything of that.

itcoin is still a leader among blockchains, but 31,9% of survey participants use EOS blockchains well on top of which EOSDT stablecoin is built.

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