The First-Ever Polkadot & Kusama <> BSC Bridge Is Live On The Testnet!

July 01, 2021
The First-Ever Polkadot & Kusama <> BSC Bridge Is Live On The Testnet!

We’ve done something really cool!

We’re the first team in the crypto world to create and implement a Binance Smart Chain bridge on Kusama. It works with Polkadot too. This bridge will enable bi-directional asset transfers between BSC and Substrate-based networks, Polkadot and Kusama. You can play with BUSD tokens on our testnet.

Binance Smart Chain is a public permissionless smart contract blockchain that delivers EVM-compatible programmability. It runs in parallel with Binance Chain while retaining the fast execution times and low transaction fees, all while adding smart contract functionality to support compatible dApps. Our BSC bridge has been on our testing Substrate and Binance Smart Chain alike.

Watch a demo:

As such, Equilibrium, the future Polkadot parachain, will be linked with BSC and support BEP-20 native assets in its liquidity pools right after the launch. This will facilitate asset transfers and overall interaction between DeFi ecosystems of both blockchain networks.

When our Kusama-based Genshiro wins the parachain slot, we will also add support for BNB, BUSD, CAKE, GENS and EQ tokens which will be bridgeble back and forth between Kusama and BSC. Meanwhile you can support the ongoing Genshiro crowdloan here.  

The future of finance is bright!

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