The First DeFi Brainstorm Ideas Have Arrived!

November 11, 2019
The First DeFi Brainstorm Ideas Have Arrived!

The Equilibrium framework is pleased to sponsor its first DeFi Brainstorm this year in Singapore, where we’ll be awarding $5,000 in NUT tokens to a worthy recipient.

We’ve already received the first several entries, and we’ll continue accepting new ideas until 9 PM Singapore time on November 15th. The winner will be determined the following day, November 16th, via voting by a panel of judges. The winning project will receive its $5,000 grant in NUT upon successfully reaching a predetermined development milestone.

Maybe you’ve got an idea for a sophisticated DAPS-based product to make cryptocurrency to compatible with everyday online shopping. Maybe you’ve got an idea for a portal that lets people buy and trade security tokens in real estate, equity, bonds, and funds, but you haven’t built it yet. Whatever your idea may be, three finalists will face a panel of judges in Singapore during our Crypto DeFiance event, immediately following BlockShow 2019.

The vote to determine the three finalists will be conducted in EOSDT stablecoins. One wallet may send one EOSDT to the corresponding project wallet address, and the three highest-voted ideas will face our panel of judges. Good luck to all who enter!

It’s not too late to participate, by the way. Just submit your idea here by November 15, and we hope to see you in Singapore!

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