The Essential Guide to Boost Lottery

December 23, 2021
The Essential Guide to Boost Lottery

Equilibrium’s Polkadot crowdloan is all the rage! To kickstart the crowdloan, we offer massive potentials to our investors.

Till December 31, all users can get an extra bonus with a little bit of luck. All you need to do is vote with xDOT.

Make sure you comply with Boost Lottery rules that we are about to state.

We will randomly pick:

  • 10 lucky winners from the list of top 100 users who invest the largest amounts. Equilibrium will grant them 15,000 EQ each;
  • 10 users from the rest of the participants. They will get 5,000 EQ each.

We’re happy to announce the first winners!

4 winners out of top-100 contributors:

4 winners from the rest of the list:

You can still join till Dec 31st!

About Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a comprehensive cross-chain DeFi super-app that combines a full-fledged money market with a spot market, synthetics, and perpetuals. We are the first to bring the best practices of mainstream finance on-chain, including risk-based pricing, portfolio margining, and insurance. Our developments have received several grants from the Web3 Foundation.

Equilibrium is supported by DeFi-famous funds like Genesis Block Ventures, PNYX ventures, Signum Capital, and DFG. EQ is the native utility token that is used for communal governance of Equilibrium. xDOT is a liquid and tradeable wrapped DOT that unlocks liquidity of DOT locked in parachain auctions and delivers multiple crowdloan bonuses on Polkadot. Equilibrium’s sister project Genshiro, a recent slot winner, is one of the first DeFi platforms running on Kusama.

Bid for Equilibrium via our website and calculate your rewards online!

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The Equilibrium framework is a software service with a consensus based governance system. EOSDT and Native Utility Token (NUT) are not a security or a regulated instrument. The use of this site and the Equilibrium self-service gateway is subject to Terms and Conditions, by accessing this site you agree to these Terms.