The Equilibrium Framework Integrates EOS Titan’s Delphi Oracle

October 21, 2019
The Equilibrium Framework Integrates EOS Titan’s Delphi Oracle

The US dollar impacts every single transaction and interaction in the DeFi space. When it comes to online payments to businesses in EOS or EOS-based digital assets, the price of the EOS/USD pair becomes a key consideration.

Equilibrium is extremely interested in tools that enhance asset price accuracy, and adopts them if they are all they purport to be. Delphi Oracle by EOS Titan is one that meets high expectations, so we’re happy to announce our integration with them!

Delphi Oracle is a contract designed to provide near real-time prices for the EOS/USD pair (as well as other asset pairs) to other smart contracts or external users. For now there are 105 top block producers allowed by the oracle to push EOS rates about once per minute, so the EOS price accuracy goes up significantly. Even if some of the block producers fail to push the rates, the others’ statistics will still reflect high accuracy.

Equilibrium’s long-time partner Provable (formerly known as Oraclize) already contributes digital asset price data. Adding another oracle, Delphi Oracle, to our smart contract results in even more explicit rate figures — the data gets renewed more frequently and the framework uses the median of the two most recent values for the final price.

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