The EQ Token Is Coming To Math Wallet

December 09, 2020
The EQ Token Is Coming To Math Wallet

MathWallet is a crypto wallet platform compatible with currencies from more than 53 different public chains. From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Solana and Helium, MathWallet can support almost any token you wish to transact in.

Now MathWallet will add support for our EQ token, and will furthermore make our dApp available to MathWallet users via their library of decentralized applications. This makes MathWallet the first widely-used mobile wallet to offer easy, secure access to Equilibrium’s Polkadot-based developments.

You only need to create a MathWallet address to get started. Here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Math Wallet extension for your web browser.

Click on the Math Wallet extension icon appearing in the upper right corner of your browser to view the settings pane.

Math Wallet will prompt you to create a new password and confirm it.

Now it’s time to create or import your Equilibrium wallet. Click on Math Wallet’s settings icon in the top right corner, then click on “Networks” from the menu that appears.

Enable the option for Polkadot-Equilibrium.

Return to the Math Wallet extension home page and click on the top right button for switching networks.

Choose Equilibrium from the list that appears, then create a fresh wallet or import an existing one. Follow the prompts that appear, make sure you use the SR25519 encrypted format, and don’t forget to save your keys properly.

That’s it! You can now move EQ tokens to and from your MathWallet.

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