Updates: smart contract and rates contract

May 17, 2019
Updates: smart contract and rates contract

Over the past several weeks, our development team has been working to introduce the following important updates to Equilibrium’s smart contract code. Here’s we’ve achieved:

  1. We’ve improved the precision in floating point numbers related to user position values inside the positions smart contract. We did this to more accurately calculate payback amounts when users wind down their EOSDT positions.
  2. We migrated all the tables in our smart contracts to support the logic for block producer voting. This is a major milestone for our goal to introduce partial collateral staking for BP voting. We will share updates as we proceed.
  3. We’ve updated our rates contract to support the NUT/EOS price feed from the HitBTC exchange. NUT is currently listed on several DEX’s and HitBTC. HitBTC is currently the most liquid market for NUT, so the price from there is the most relevant and this was an easy decision.  Meanwhile our business development team is working to list NUT on a number of other exchanges. More listings will let us introduce medianized rates from a broader list of price feed sources, mitigating our dependency on a single source of external data.      
    Here’s the link to the release transaction: http://bit.ly/2HmPmAq

Stay tuned!

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