Summary of progress - May 2019

May 31, 2019
Summary of progress - May 2019

It’s been quite a productive month! We covered lots of ground in terms of listings and partnerships, we received exposure from blockchain media, and we presented our project in China. Last but not least, we reached a significant milestone by generating more than 5.4 million EOSDT.


Our exchange listing campaign continued with Bancor and EOSDAQ adding EOSDT & NUT. Coupled with the previously announced HitBTC listing, this takes care of the initial EOSDT and NUT liquidity.

One of the most popular and user-friendly wallets, EOS Lynx, integrated EOSDT and NUT.

The wallet also fully integrated EOSDT and NUT.

Coin360 added EOSDT support to its interactive analytics portal.

More listings coming very soon.


CEO Alex Melikhov participated in two blockchain events in China, presenting Equilibrium to the country’s leading blockchain companies, VC funds, and local media. As a result, Equilibrium now has a growing Chinese community, and our website has also been localized in Chinese.

Media and articles

Equilibrium was featured in an episode of the EOS Podcast about stablecoins. Alex Melikhov appeared on air alongside our chief counsel Josh Goodbody and Equilibrium partner Tomas Berthani, who founded Oraclize (now called Provable), our oracle service provider.

We also published two great longreads in our blog: the first about crypto regulation issues, the second about the quantitative principles behind our smart contracts.

Collateral milestones

By the end of this month, over 2.7 million EOS tokens were locked in as collateral on our platform, a figure that exceeds $21.1 million. With the framework’s collateralization currently standing at 391%, this means there is a total of 5.4 million EOSDT in circulation, most of it being used in trading activity across multiple markets.

There’s a lot to look forward to in June, as we already have a couple of announcements in the pipeline concerning blockchain events our team will attend. There are also new potential listings and partnerships in the works. Join our growing community and stay tuned for further updates!

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