Revealing the Results of Our Third On-Chain Voting Session!

September 13, 2019
Revealing the Results of Our Third On-Chain Voting Session!

The third round of Equilibrium’s on-chain EOS block producer voting contest has concluded successfully. By the end of the session, EOSDT collateral had increased, reaching 4.88 million EOS staked. Without further ado, it's now our pleasure to announce the leaders of the latest voting session:

  • EOSCannon
  • EOS Cafe Block
  • EOSphere
  • EOS Lambda
  • AtticLab
  • EOSHuobiPool
  • hkeos
  • Newdex BP
  • EOS Nation

We warmly congratulate the winners and are grateful to all who voted for helping to make this round such a success!

The next session shall commence immediately with new winners to be announced on September 23rd. To participate, go to and choose the block producers you feel are deserving of the Equilibrium Proxy stake. Please note that in order to vote you will be required to stake your NUT tokens. Fear not, however, as you will get them back just in 10 days time! We are doing our voting rounds every 10 days so each time you vote you help promote your favourite BP.

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