Partnerships and System Innovations Mark Equilibrium’s Progress in June

July 06, 2020
Partnerships and System Innovations Mark Equilibrium’s Progress in June

Equilibrium’s Price Feed Contract Was Added To The Multisig

As you recall, Equilibrium uses the multisig instrument to conveniently adjust code if changes need to made while we grow and develop, and this gives us a huge advantage over other platforms that have to rewrite code from scratch. Multisig requires the consensus of a series of reputable and well-known brands that are participating in our ecosystem, including: Binance, eosfinex, EOS Nation, and EOS Cannon. Step by step, we are introducing this feature for all of our smart contracts. Most recently, in June, we have added our price feed contract to multisig.

Equilibrium Successfully Integrates LiquidOracles’ Reliable Price Feeds

We are proud to be partnering with LiquidApps and integrating its LiquidOracles into our EOSDT stablecoin. With reliable real-time price feeds, the oracles provide an essential service. As recent events have proven, this is a key advantage for all users. We all recall Black Thursday on March 12, when network congestion around an adverse market caused oracles on the Ethereum platform to malfunction, resulting in inaccurate pricing information and auctions on bad debt that were practically free. This caused MakerDao millions of dollars of losses. With the LiquidOracle partnership, Equilibrium can avoid such events and serve users better.  

EOSDT is now available on WAX!

At the end of the month, our partner Malta Block, a guild on the WAX blockchain, has announced that EOSDT is now available on WAX. This will make the WAX blockchain and important player in the DeFi space. Thanks to bridging based on ZOS – IBC architecture, EOSDT can now be sent from the EOS blockchain to the WAX blockchain and vice versa. In the Malta Block announcement, instructions are included about how this works. In addition a swap contract weosdtwaxswp on WAX allows users to buy WEOSDT on WAX without the need of a cross chain transfer. Using Equilibrium’s stablecoin will reduce price volatility on WAX.

Anchor Wallet by Greymass Adds EOSDT and NUT

Equilibrium is excited about its cooperation with the  Anchor wallet that has been developed by Greymass, which is also known for its podcasts that have featured our CEO Alex Melikhov. Anchor’s great advantages are that it offers a convenient overview of your personal account and enables a multichain approach, while allowing you to select which EOS applications you want to use. As an additional bonus, by using Anchor as their wallet, users gain limited free transactions on EOS.  

Equilibrium started its bug bounty program.

We are pleased to have invited our community to participate in the bug bounty program, which will play an essential role in ensuring the security and reliability of our ecosystem and enable participants to win as much as $5,000 in NUT tokens. In the announcement, we listed the program description on GitHub and the full list of contracts. Remember to help us out with your participation and contribute to making Equilibrium one of the best DeFi services. We have big plans, and we want our community to be part of them from the beginning.

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