Our Fifth On-Chain Voting Session Is Completed

October 03, 2019
Our Fifth On-Chain Voting Session Is Completed

The fifth round of our on-chain voting process has officially ended. Now with 5.84 million EOS on the table, the stakes are impressive. Without further ado, here are the 10 winners for the Equilibrium Proxy:

  • AtticLab
  • GenerEOS
  • Blockpool
  • EOS Cafe Block
  • EOS Cannon
  • EOS HuobiPool
  • EOS NodeONE
  • Newdex BP
  • shEOS

A big congratulations to all the winners and an even bigger thanks to all the voters who helped them win! The winners have already been staked with Equilibrium collateral.

The next one starts right now at voting.eosdt.com with the new winners to be revealed on October 13. Voting process is very simple, all you need to do is get your NUT utility and governance token and stake it for your 5 favourite BPs. The staked tokens will be returned to a voter in 10 days.

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