Our AMA Sessions Are Going Charitable

January 30, 2020
Our AMA Sessions Are Going Charitable

A natural disaster serves as a fine head-check when you’re focused on your work at a small financial technology company.

We’ve been going hard at Equilibrium to get our AMA series off the ground, continuing development of our EOSDT stablecoin and NUT token, and generally preparing for the next phase of business for our DeFi crypto framework. But at our first-ever AMA session, one attendee snapped our attention back to reality in a brief but lasting moment.

We were hosting Yves La Rose of EOS Nation, and we had adopted a simple device to encourage participation among our AMA viewers to get them to ask questions: whoever asked the best question (determined by the person answering them) would receive 40 EOSDT stablecoins (worth $40!).

Yves picked our $40 question winner at the end — it was Kevin Heifner, a software rngineer consultant at Block.One. Heifner ended up donating his prize to an Australian charity helping against the recent wildfires in the country.

“It was such a wonderful gesture that reminded us all that there is a real world out there beyond our fintech concerns,” said Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov. “I thought Equilibrium could do more to help, so we decided to increase the prize to $100 from now on, and to offer winners the option to automatically donate it to charity when they win ”

So Kevin’s EOSDT prize will go toward easing the devastation of Australian wildfires.

Businesses don’t have to save the world to qualify as being charitably inclined. They only need to periodically remind their users, customers, or guests that they can play a meaningful role in making the world better if they choose to.

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