NUT is now available on EOSDAQ

May 21, 2019
NUT is now available on EOSDAQ

Today, Decentralized Exchange EOSDAQ announced that it would launch NUT/EOS Trading pairs. EOSDT is already trading on EOSDAQ and DEXEOS.

EOSDAQ is an on-chain DEX, providing the safest and most user-friendly platform to trade EOS native tokens. Being an on-chain DEX, EOSDAQ process every transaction on the EOS blockchain, which maximizes the level of security and transparency. Also, EOSDAQ users can conveniently manage their assets through private wallet page. Later, users will be able to utilize the EOS-specific functions, including BP voting and airdrop. EOSDAQ strives to contribute to forming a strong EOS ecosystem by consistently providing liquidity and lowering the risk of hacking or theft.

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