Meet Our Chief Counsel, Josh Goodbody

April 30, 2019
Meet Our Chief Counsel, Josh Goodbody

Today we are pleased to introduce Josh Goodbody as one of Equilibriums’s newest team members. Josh brings a wealth of expertise to the table, known in the fintech industry as a leading executive with a deep understanding of regulatory requirements.

Josh is an experienced derivatives and financial markets lawyer who has emerged as one of the most authoritative legal professionals in fintech. He combines his role at Equilibrium with a role as European Director and Global General Counsel for trading marketplace Huobi’s sales and institutional business. He currently focuses on global expansion and leads the legal, regulatory, and licensing teams.

Josh has a proven record for developing and implementing legal strategies in the UK for global financial corporations. His journey through the financial industry started in 2011 when he managed the futures legal documentation function for the commodities trading business at BNP Paribas. He continued his work as legal counsel on the advisory legal team at Credit Suisse, where he focused on listed derivatives and OTC clearing. In 2015, he became a Vice President at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, covering derivatives, futures, and prime brokerage legal support. He was legal counsel at State Street following that, responsible for the futures and options execution, clearing business, and the Global Link Multilateral Trading Facilities.

Josh continued to work at the cutting edge of financial technology, specializing in the cryptocurrency industry as the commercial director and head of legal for Autilla, a fintech company that built technology solutions for trading and transparency for the commodity markets.

Today he is a global general counsel at Huobi Global, a major digital asset financial ecosystem that provides a digital asset exchange, OTC trading, and blockchain-focused venture capital. In this role, Josh builds Huobi's European presence and drives its global expansion. He has been heavily involved in new product launches, licensing, and business strategy.

At Equilibrium, Josh will assist in building a robust legal and regulatory program to ensure that the Equilibrium framework, the EOSDT stablecoin, and NUT token are fully compliant with all regulations. Creating certainty and transparency will help us deliver an ecosystem that users can adopt with confidence.

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