Meet Kyle Ellicott

May 09, 2019
Meet Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott is a technology omnivore whose career has carried him through the media, venture capital, and information technology industries. Now joining Equilibrium as Lead Strategist, Kyle will help gather, define, and clarify the insights that drive Equilibrium’s stablecoin solution. This technology journeyman is lately flying a blockchain flag.

Originally from the Midwest, Ellicott first got into business around the age of 14 and would later go on to start both a digital agency and a sports media company that ultimately led him to move west to California. Before long he was advising early-stage startups, working local the ecosystem, and driving product development at Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

His next chapter found him returning to helping early-stage companies as the co-founder of ReadWrite Labs and the media industry with For those that may not recall, ReadWrite is storied technology news site of which has been delivering stories about emerging technology since 2003. Ellicott ran ReadWrite Labs, an industry catalyst that helped to accelerate the growth of the Economy/Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting the people, companies, and financing that shape the connected world. In 2015, Ellicott expanded the startup accelerator to Asia with initial locations in Hong Kong & China. His time locally on the ground allowed him to build a cross-border pathway between the U.S. & Asia for future entrepreneurs.  

While he was familiar with Bitcoin from its earlier launch, Ellicott estimates that he first heard people talking about the blockchain itself as a technology infrastructure back in 2016. “Working with early-stage companies in our accelerator, we were beginning to see a few working to integrate this emerging technology into their technology stack,” he said. “For my early time product, I’ve always seen a deep inherent value of technology infrastructure. Because of that, I knew I wanted to work with great companies who would be providing the foundational wave of cryptocurrency infrastructure.”

In simplest terms, Ellicott is excited about stablecoins. He acknowledges today’s methods for traditional stable-based assets are now becoming ready to be digitized and brought into the next generation. That’s the vision he’s thrown in on with Equilibrium, at least.

“The Equilibrium team brings a brilliant level technical expertise along with the industry knowledge required to drive forward our future of stablecoins and the framework powering them,” Ellicott said.

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