Meet Dave Askey

April 22, 2019
Meet Dave Askey

For not hearing the word “blockchain” until 2015, Equilibrium system architect Dave Askey ended up all right.

Askey studied computer science at the University of Southampton, beginning his career as an engineer with Goldman Sachs. He identifies his lack of formal finance education as a distinct asset during this time: he built everything from human trader-focused applications to the electronic trading systems that the bank uses today. He worked there seven years, long enough to see trading transform from an inherently manual process to something fundamentally electronic.

By 2015, Askey was CTO at a financial services company called Tramonex, which handled foreign exchange transactions and international payments for small- and medium-sized businesses. By this time, you couldn’t move through the London fintech scene without hearing blockchain buzz, and Askey’s team at Tramonex received a grant from the British government to conduct research into performing foreign currency transactions on the blockchain.

This was a huge problem to solve, and he roundly identifies it as a learning experience. But that learning experience yielded what may have been the first stablecoin. It was certainly the first one to be licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom. He recalls giving an early lecture on his work at University College London and a member of the audience exclaimed, “You’re a stable coin!”

Hence the stablecoin represented the first true store of value on the blockchain that wouldn’t be subject to wild market volatility

Askey next joined cryptography house Post-Quantum to build products around the company’s research into quantum-safe cryptography. This is cryptography secure enough to withstand the next-level decryption power of a quantum computer. He served as CTO there for a couple of years before transitioning to a role as CEO of LTFS, an enterprise company that deals in exchange technologies.

All this experience comes together harmoniously for his role at Equilibrium. Askey has not only been active in crypto, blockchain, and finance throughout his career, but is an established expert on stablecoins who can talk extensively about the technology and economics that drive them. He says his passion for stablecoins stems from his “more traditional finance background.” We’re just glad it led him to blockchain technology.

As system architect of Equilibrium, Dave helps make highly technical decisions that drive the future of our stablecoin-generating framework.

And as one of the people who helped realize the first stablecoin concept, Equilibrium couldn’t be prouder to have him aboard.

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