Join our Equilibrium & Genshiro Ambassador Program!

December 12, 2021
Join our Equilibrium & Genshiro Ambassador Program!

We are happy to announce a new wave of our ambassador program! We appreciate the support of our ambassadors, so we’ve prepared a lot of incentives for you to spread the word about Equilibrium and Genshiro and collect rewards in the process.

You can join our program and earn points by completing the activities below, or by completing other tasks that we announce in our Telegram chat. We will track ambassador points using this leaderboard.

Prize pool: Each month the top 100 ambassadors will share a prize pool of 35,000 GENS.

  • 20 best ambassadors will receive 1000 GENS each
  • 30 ambassadors will receive 333 GENS each
  • other 50 ambassadors will get 100 GENS each

❗️ How to start: You become a participant once you submit links to your works (comments, on-demand tasks etc.)

Tracking your effort: The Equilibrium team will check your work, calculate your points and update the leaderboard each week.

The first token distribution will happen the month after the ambassador program starts. The leaderboard will be immediately reset and we will announce the next round.

🙋 Ambassador Lite Tasks:

  1. On-demand tasks: 90 points
    These temporary tasks, their duration and the terms will be announced in our Ambassador Lite group chat. They may include submitting your likes, retweets, and supporting comments on Twitter or YouTube.
    Submit your work here.
  2. Twitter comments: 60 points
    You should share our key messages as comments to tweets in crypto-oriented accounts that post about Polkadot, Kusama, crowdloans, yield farming and have more than 2,000 followers and don’t have airdrop info in the bio.
    Key messages will be posted in the list. They may change once a week so please, check the messages before posting.
    Frequency: maximum of 3 comments per week. Please, write comments on different days.
    Submit your comments here (daily or once a week — it’s up to you).
  3. Retweeting our posts on Twitter as a quote tweet: 50 points
    Keep up with our updates and retweet any 5 posts from our Twitter accounts every week:
    You can quote-tweet 3 tweets from Equilibrium or 2 tweets from Genshiro or vice versa. It’s up to you! Feel free to choose any.
    Submit your works here (daily or once a week — it’s up to you).
  4. Memes or GIFs on Twitter: 150 points
    Your creation should be unique, funny, and relevant to the topic of the post/discussion.
    It must get at least 7 likes/retweets/replies/ to be accepted.
    You should post them as comments.
    Frequency: maximum 1 gif and 1 meme (2 total) per 7 days. Please, post them on different days.
    Submit here (daily or once a week — it’s up to you).

Rules of participation:

  1. Your Twitter account is at least three months old
  2. You have more than 300 followers on Twitter. (that’s important)
  3. Your bio and posts are crypto-related.
  4. Your content is in English.
  5. You may not use multiple accounts.
  6. If your account gets suspended, the work is not accepted.

General rules

  • No inappropriate content.
  • Rewards are distributed solely at the Genshiro team’s discretion. You may receive a lower reward than you expected, or no reward at all.
  • Using multiple accounts is forbidden.
  • We reserve the right to close the ambassador program at any time.

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