Join Equilibrium’s Testing Team And Earn NUT

May 26, 2020
Join Equilibrium’s Testing Team And Earn NUT

We would love to have our community members as a part of the Equilibrium’s product testing team!

Recently, we’ve made a bunch of changes and improvements in Equilibrium’s EOSDT system & went cross-chain in partnership with pTokens (pBTC), launching support for Bitcoin collateral. As a result we’ve upgraded our entire web application into a full-fledged DeFi web portal. Keeping ‘user experience’ UX as our utmost priority — we want to have as much ‘end-user feedback’ as possible. That’s why we are calling for our community members to join the product testing team.

What do you need to do?

  • QA test the functionality of broader scenarios involving test cases, i.e.create and connect a wallet, create EOS/BTC positions, etc.
  • QA test DeFi hub (web application)
  • Workflow testing

The rewards will be paid in NUT.

How to participate?

Simply fill out the G-form and we will contact you.

Сonstantly moving forward and developing new products we are eager to involve our community as a part of the development process.

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