January 2020 Review: Equilibrium’s New System Monitor, EOSLocally, Scatter & AMA

February 06, 2020
January 2020 Review: Equilibrium’s New System Monitor, EOSLocally, Scatter & AMA

We’re well into 2020 by now, so let’s take a quick look back at the month that was January. We didn’t let the New Year holiday slow us down too much — we’re busy laying the foundation for the future of finance.

Here’s what that looked like in practical terms:

We integrated with Provable’s pTokens

We’ll soon support pTokens, an exciting crypto product that makes every cryptocurrency compatible with every blockchain. The first iteration of pTokens offers non-Ethereum holders (like EOSDT stablecoins holders, for example) the ability to use these alternative digital currencies with Ethereum’s DApps, platforms, and tools. This is a distinct advantage for those who hold a variety of assets, letting them interact with different DApps, platforms, and tools that they weren’t able to use before.

Read more here.

EOSLocally lends support to EOSDT

EOSLocally, a decentralized peer-to-peer EOS trading platform, began supporting EOSDT on its platform and joined our partner list. EOSLocally facilitates automatic equivalent swaps in EOS for EOSDT.

You can check out EOSLocally here.

We launched a new system monitor

Equilibrium’s new system monitor is a dashboard-style interface that gives you a heads-up display for all relevant stats pertaining to EOSDT and NUT, showing the total supply of these assets, as well as the collateralization level across the system’s debt positions.

It’s your one-stop shop for answering almost any question about how EOSDT and NUT are performing. Users can track government parameters and global indicators for the EOS/EOSDT trading pair, drill down into the collateralization ratio, and gain insight on their staking rewards with help from clear, simple charts.

Check it out!

We ran an AMA session with Yves La Rose of EOS Nation

Kicking off a series of AMAs to come, Yves La Rose answered our community questions live on January 23.

Here is a recap of the AMA with Yves La Rose.

We partnered with Scatter

Scatter is a multi-blockchain signature, identity, and reputation desktop application. They are adding new features to the product that will make it easy for users to convert between volatile and stable digital assets. And the EOSDT stablecoin will be listed as one of the basic currencies compatible with this new functionality.

Read more in our blog post.

Our AMA sessions are going charitable

At our first AMA session with Yves La Rose of EOS Nation, we offered a reward of 40 EOSDT stablecoins for the best question selected by our guest to encourage community participation.

The winner of the reward ended up donating his prize to an Australian charity helping against the recent wildfires in the country, which served as a real-world call to action for us.

We decided to increase the prize to $100 from now on, and to offer winners the option to automatically donate it to charity when they win. So, join our Telegram chat and stay tuned for upcoming AMAs.

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