Infinito Wallet Now Offers An Equilibrium Integration

August 07, 2019
Infinito Wallet Now Offers An Equilibrium Integration

Already supporting a number of major crypto tokens, Infinito Wallet has made the great decision to add two more: Equilibrium’s EOSDT and NUT.

This makes it possible for Android and iOS users alike to manage their crypto holdings and transact in a secure, easy manner. Already operational across all major blockchains, Infinito Wallet now effectively brings the Equilibrium framework to your mobile device for price tracking and position management.

This integration makes it easy to manage your Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, and other crypto funds alongside your EOSDT stablecoins and NUT utility tokens. A unified experience is more convenient for both Equilibrium and Infinito users.

The Equilibrium framework is a software service with a consensus based governance system. EOSDT and Native Utility Token (NUT) are not a security or a regulated instrument. The use of this site and the Equilibrium self-service gateway is subject to Terms and Conditions, by accessing this site you agree to these Terms.