How To Get An Extra Bonus During Equilibrium’s PLO Phase 1

April 14, 2021
How To Get An Extra Bonus During Equilibrium’s PLO Phase 1

We are raising funds to secure a parachain slot on Polkadot with our two-phase parachain lease offering. All told, we expect to have 250,000 DOTs on hand when the PLO Phase 1 is over on April 25. But we can only get there with the help of our community.

We offer our community two main ways to earn on our parachain lease offering — the Phase 1 token swap bonuses, which pay up to 25% on any DOT swapped for our EQ, and our referral link program. The referral link program works as you might expect — when someone clicks your unique link and participates in our PLO, we’ll credit you with 1% of their contributions.

You can easily get your link here. Click “Referral program” and connect your Polkadot address. Then you can see your EQ referral bonuses and the link.

Post your referral link on Twitter, Facebook, an email signature, or anywhere else. The more people click your link and contribute, the more you earn. To share your link is to help us drive PLO participation, so in a roundabout way, you can be paid to help us unlock the full potential of the DeFi market.

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