How To Claim Your EQ Tokens, Step By Step

November 12, 2020
How To Claim Your EQ Tokens, Step By Step

We are proud to announce that the EQ token generation event has arrived. Starting today, those who participated in Equilibrium’s NUT/EQ token swap are able to claim their EQ tokens on the mainnet.

Our token generation event is happening today!

After a successful token swap, we are happy to bring you Equilibrium’s new EQ utility token. Swap participants can claim their tokens today, and will be among the first to hold EQ! We’re happy to host such first movers in the DeFi space.

Powered by Polkadot’s technology, the EQ token will be the figurative engine that drives Equilibrium’s decentralized cross-chain money market. Equilibrium will offer pooled lending and maximum liquidity via multi-asset collateral baskets using crypto from other major protocols.

Equilibrium is a one-stop shop with a convenient user interface for trading, synthetic asset generation, and portfolio management. As the vehicle for these capabilities, EQ marks a watershed in DeFi history!

How To Claim Your EQ Tokens

  1. Install the Polkadot.js extension if you haven’t already. It will prompt you to create a Polkadot address. You can get the Chrome browser extension here:
  2. Then you need to log in to the MetaMask extension. You will need the ETH address that you used for your NUT/EQ token swap. To copy your address in MetaMask, click the name of your account.

You may also connect your MetaMask account by clicking the “connect” button, and your ETH address will automatically populate.

Confirm the connection in the MetaMask interface.

You will see your ETH address pasted in the input field.

3. Click continue, then connect your Polkawallet.

4. You should see a screen like this in the Polkadot.js extension interface. Click the “Yes, allow this application access” button:

5. The system will automatically fill out your ETH address and Polkadot account. Click the “Sign” button to sign the transaction via MetaMask.

6. Confirm the transaction directly in the MetaMask interface.

7. Then click “Claim.”

8. Well done! You have successfully accessed your EQ allocation, and it’s assigned to your Polkadot

You can explore the new EQ token on our website and also view your vesting schedule there. To see your vesting schedule you need to select your Polkadot address from the dropdown list.

You will need to claim vested EQ tokens time after time. Tokens are vested on every block in the course of your vesting period.

Please note that there is an approximate 0.125 EQ fee for every token claim transaction.

We will announce exchanges that support EQ tokens very soon, so stay tuned to our updates!

Disclaimer: No part of this document is intended as investment advice.

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