HitBTC Lists EOSDT And The NUT Token

April 29, 2019
HitBTC Lists EOSDT And The NUT Token

The Equilibrium team is excited to announce a major milestone achievement from our roadmap. Our listing campaign continues to make progress, with EOSDT and NUT now available for trading on HitBTC, one of the world's leading crypto exchanges.

The following trading pairs available on HitBTC right now:









Founded in 2013, HitBTC is one of the longest-operating and most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. It has clients in 90 countries, where it offers trading for more than 530 currencies in more than 850 trading pairs.

We’ve previously paid a lot of attention to EOSDT’s benefits and use cases here. Now it’s time to zoom in on NUT, which is also available on HitBTC.

NUT is the Equilibrium framework’s utility currency, and it plays an important role in every step of governance. For example, NUT holders have voting rights to change the parameters that drive Equilibrium. For example, they can vote for block producers on the EOS blockchain to receive a staked portion of Equilibrium’s collateral. NUT is also used for paying fees. To close their positions, users must repay their staked collateral, as well as an admin fee that accrues in NUT. This utility token furthermore grants access to discounted collateral.

Our listing campaign continues, and we are actively working on additional strategic partnerships with crypto exchanges and digital wallets. We hope to share more good news on this front very soon.

Learn more about NUT and EOSDT use cases here. You can generate EOSDT through the self-service gateway, purchase NUT tokens on HitBTC, and start trading.

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