Genshiro Megaboost: up to 10K GENS : 1 KSM!

November 15, 2021
Genshiro Megaboost: up to 10K GENS : 1 KSM!

It’s the last auction in this batch of auctions on Kusama and we are launching a lottery called Genshiro Megaboost! The lottery is designed to support our crowdloan participants. Get ready to dive into our huge prize pool of GENS!

In the final stage of the Genshiro crowdloan, we are incentivizing ALL contributors who stake for our DeFi Parachain on Kusama from November 15th to November 22th (9 pm UTC).

On November 22th we will randomly pick:

  • 5 “big boys” from the list of top 20 users who invest the largest amounts. Equilibrium will grant them 3,000 GENS per 1 KSM;
  • 10 lucky winners from the rest of the participants will get 10,000 GENS per 1 KSM.

You might be surprised to know all users, apart from the 20 top investors, share an even bigger prize pool. Sounds like a great opportunity for those who invest even as little as 1 KSM!

Also, we add to that bonuses for participating in the Equilibrium crowdloan on Polkadot:

📍Everyone who stakes over 10 KSM from Nov 15th to Nov 22th gets 10% in EQ;

📍All Genshiro voters who participated in all our crowdloans on Kusama, get 5% in EQ.

With Genshiro Megaboost, there’s no time to waste! Jump into Round 3 Genshiro’s crowdloan and have a leg up on the competitors’ parachains!

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