Gambling Platform Dice.One Has Launched An EOSDT Integration

November 05, 2019
Gambling Platform Dice.One Has Launched An EOSDT Integration

There’s no need to visit a casino in person if you’re playing games on Dice.

Dice is a decentralized social gaming platform running on the EOS blockchain that provides a secure, reliable, and borderless ecosystem to play gambling-oriented games with your cryptocurrency holdings.

This blockchain project lets you play popular casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many more from home in your pajamas. They’ve even slot machines and a sports book. At the same time, its capabilities make it possible to verify the results of any gaming experiences, ensuring that you actually collect a payout for successfully beating the spread on a Steelers game.

If you want to put your liquid digital assets to work in a novel way, then take Dice for a spin and find a game you’re good at. You might just turn your EOSDT into more, You can check out the site and register here.

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