February 2020 Roundup: Rebranding the Equilibrium Framework, Opening the Gates to Korea, and New AMA Sessions

March 03, 2020
February 2020 Roundup: Rebranding the Equilibrium Framework, Opening the Gates to Korea, and New AMA Sessions

As we turn to spring, it’s time to review what Equilibrium’s been up to this February. This month was all about harnessing new opportunities and reevaluating our approach.

Here’s how February went down:

We ran an AMA session with Zack Gall.

We held an AMA session on February 5 with Zack Gall, host of the Everything EOS podcast, which has more than 4,000 YouTube subscribers. Gall is a member of the Vigor decentralized autonomous community, which does work similar to Equilibrium on the same EOS blockchain. He’s an engaging speaker and super-knowledgeable blockchain pro, so we were happy for his time in answering questions from our community.

If you missed Zack’s AMA, catch it here.

Yeoboseyo, Korea!

We launched a Korean edition of our website to make our framework more accessible and useful to the Korean crypto community. We’ve traveled to vibrant crypto meetups around Seoul and are happy to bring authoritative information on the EOSDT stablecoin (and the Equilibrium framework) to Koreans in search of worthwhile DeFi solutions.

You can check out our Korean website right here.

We held our second AMA in one month. Meet Luke Stokes!

On February 19, we held another exciting AMA session with Luke Stokes, managing director for the Foundation for Interwallet Operability and interim executive director for the EOS Foundation. As a longtime crypto guru, he had valuable wisdom to share with our community.

Check out the insights from Luke’s AMA session here.

The results of our latest contest are in!

We organized a survey and contest for our Korean community. We asked entrants to complete a short quiz about how they use stablecoins, then to join our Korean Telegram group. We distributed EOSDT rewards to five winners and brought you some stats based on everyone’s responses.

You can see those results here.

We visually rebranded the Equilibrium cryptocurrency framework.

EOSDT has been our flagship project for setting new industry standards, but the Equilibrium cryptocurrency framework goes beyond this safe and transparently backed stablecoin. The framework a comprehensive ecosystem that provides the backbone for decentralized finance projects. As we grew and expanded over the past year, the need for our visual identity to reflect our structure and core philosophy became inevitable. In the search for a more accurate reflection of our values, we rebranded the framework.

Read about our new visual identity here.

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