Equilibrium Testnet is live and the product launch roadmap is out

September 24, 2020
Equilibrium Testnet is live and 
the product launch roadmap is out

Equilibrium is excited to have started its Testnet today and to introduce a detailed product launch roadmap.

On the Testnet, users can already try the EQ token distribution technology according to the project’s tokenomics model. This will be especially relevant to the participants of the ongoing NUT/EQ token swap (that will last until September 29).

Token swap The swappers can use Testnet to test the EQ token distribution technology according to our tokenomics model. The technologies for vesting and token minting will also be demonstrated, and users will have access to an information page about their vesting schedule and the ability to pull claim vested periodically to receive additional test tokens according to their vesting schedule. Users will be able to make a claim for test EQ tokens using the private key from the ETH address that they provided to the token swap, to ensure claims after TGE.

In line with our products, starting soon in October on our Testnet, users will be able to try “virtual” portfolios, generate stablecoins, transfer them, pay fees, and earn interest on safeguarding the system. You'll remember that we are creating an innovative DeFi hub on the Polkadot Substrate -- a cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending, decentralized stablecoins, synthetic asset generation, and trading.

Equilibrium is concurrently preparing for Mainnet and its parachain roll-out, for which it has assembled a group of validators (Staking4all, P2P.org, Staker.space, W3F, Simply VC, Stateless.money, Justontime.io, etc.) experienced in working on the Kusama and Polkadot technologies.

The next upcoming priorities on our roadmap are the launch of our substrate, enabling the systematic minting and borrowing of stablecoin, earning on bailouts, governance, interconnecting with Ethereum, and utilizing ETH and DOT as the first connected assets. We are happy to present our product launch roadmap below:

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