Equilibrium Stakes 4 Million EOS And Unveils Its On-Chain Voting System

August 13, 2019
Equilibrium Stakes 4 Million EOS And Unveils Its On-Chain Voting System

Equilibrium’s final off-chain voting session is now complete. This time there was more than 4.2 million EOS on the table for staking, almost twice the 2.5 million we had for the first round. It’s proof that Equilibrium is growing quickly, and that there is immense community interest in decentralized financial instruments.

We are happy to announce the following 30 winners for this voting round, who will be staked with all that EOS:

Congratulations to the block producers who won, and a big thanks to those who supported this off-chain voting process.

SurveyHero support

We also appreciate the help from the SurveyHero platform and its parent company, Enuvo GMbH, which helped us conduct this voting session. Their team of analysts have identified automatic voting patterns by examining data pertaining to user agents and session durations.

Below is a voting distribution shown according to the length of each user session below. SurveyHero registered more than 140,000 votes that were completed within 5 seconds or less, and the majority of these were done in less than one second. This is obviously impossible for humans. Votes up to yellow mark are not included in the final results.

In other words, they were able to distinguish legitimate participants from automated votes in order to help us determine a true list of winning block producers.

What’s next?

These winners will be added to the Equilibrium Proxy, and will only be staked on August 15th, the day we begin our tamper-proof on-chain voting process. As a fully on-chain process, you must hold NUT token to be eligible to participate.

After that, the Equilibrium Proxy will continue to restake EOS every ten days for the highest-voted block producers with the most NUT votes from the community.

We are building a secure on-chain voting system that’s completely resistant to any kind of gamification or malicious attack. We’ll have more details on the exact voting mechanics for you shortly. We’re glad that this previous voting session raised awareness around Equilibrium’s key trait: that the community fundamentally controls how the framework operates.

We encourage you to get involved and follow along by joining our Telegram group chat here: https://t.me/equilibrium_eosdt_official.

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