Equilibrium September 2019 Report: On-Chain Gains Momentum

October 04, 2019
Equilibrium September 2019 Report: On-Chain Gains Momentum

As we begin October, whether you believe it or not, we’re already in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Let’s begin this new month (and new unit of business time) by looking back on September as the month that was good and productive indeed. Here’s what we accomplished in September 2019.

Equilibrium as a multichain framework for DeFi products

We talk a lot about our EOSDT stablecoin (pegged to the US dollar, highly transactable, generate yours here) and NUT utility and governance token. These are the first products built on the top of the Equilibrium framework, and they underpin everything we do.

Today, we’re continuing the Equilibrium framework expansion as a tech platform for building DeFi (decentralized finance) applications. The beauty of developing your own idea on this platform is that it lets you use liquid stablecoins and synthetic assets right out of the box and accelerate development by using generic codebase and tool sets. dApp developers should take notice!

On-chain block producer voting is still going strong

Last month we debuted our on-chain voting process for EOS block producers (BPs), and just recently concluded the fifth round of voting in this fashion. We continue to stake the highest-voted BPs with Equilibrium’s collateral for every round. Those who hold the framework’s NUT token are eligible to cast votes for BPs to be staked, and you can participate in this voting at voting.eosdt.com.

The total collateral backing up for grabs is currently 5.8 million EOS, worth just over $17 million USD.

Listings and integrations

EOSDT was listed on professional crypto asset exchange BEQUANT. BEQUANT aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital asset classes for institutional clients by offering diversified services familiar to asset managers, hedge funds, and professional traders.

KeyCat, an EOS browser wallet that works in your keychain, supports NUT and EOSDT.

Signature block producer EOS Authority embedded the Equilibrium widget into its system. This means EOS Authority site users can generate EOSDT and get full service on managing their stablecoin positions in a reliable and easy-to-use way.

We also have been added to CryptoRank, an industry-leading provider of market-moving news and accurate, crowdsourced research. Now their user-friendly platform lets you stay up-to-date on the latest insights on Equilibrium's core assets.

Don’t miss DappRadar’s easy-to-use interface for looking at stats on the framework’s users, volume, balance, and number of transactions made to its smart contracts.

EOS Token welcomed EOSDT and NUT to the list of tokens supported by its ET Wallet software. These users can now access assets on iOS or Android versions of ET Wallet.

Equilibrium is also partnering with one of the world’s most highly regarded EOS events: the second EOS Community Conference — by offering a 30% discount on tickets for those who pay in EOSDT! You can grab your discounted ticket here.

Equilibrium in the media

We got a lot of international media attention for our partnership with Huobi Wallet.

EOSDT got a flattering writeup in Tech Bullion in a comparison against the centralized stablecoin USD Coin (USDC). Both coins hit the market with lots of growth immediately post-launch.

Founder and CEO Alex Melikhov gave an interview to Digital Asset Live on our updated vision for the future of the Equilibrium framework. He explained our new goal of designing the framework as an intuitive environment for building decentralized stablecoins, synthetic assets, and creating advanced DeFi products and services.

Alex also talked to DeFiPrime about the founding of Equilibrium, the state of regulations today, and the project’s goals for the future. This interview is a great starting point to learn more about EOSDT’s upcoming role in creating advanced DeFi products.

HackerNoon published a guide on how to handle liquidations, if and when they happen. Read this for all the details about accurate price feeds and how Equilibrium solves the“great oracle problem”.

We came out favorably in this comparison against MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin. This is the question that always raises a point in Ethereum and EOS communities: what do DAI and EOSDT have in common and what are the differences? No you can read this article to gain some insights on this.

This article on Coinpedia walks you through how to make money with our EOSDT stablecoin.

Collateral milestones

At the time of this writing, Equilibrium has collateralized 5.8 million EOS worth approximately $17 million USD, generating 4.2 million EOSDT. That’s about 1 million more EOS in the Equilibrium collateral than we had in August!

We are happy to see stablecoins continuing to be a safe harbor for traders who want to hedge their volatility risks in a bear market. As you know, EOS has struggled with a 25% price drop and other altcoin markets are declining, so users have started turning their assets into stablecoins. EOSDT preserves its $1 peg under these circumstances, and we see EOSDT’s trading volumes increase on major exchanges. This currency also exhibits the largest trading volume in EOS pair sales on popular decentralized exchange Newdex.

Here’s to achieving even more in autumn! Stay tuned for more great updates coming!

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