Equilibrium October Report: Is It Time For Crypto DeFiance Yet?

November 05, 2019
Equilibrium October Report: Is It Time For Crypto DeFiance Yet?

Here’s the monthly wrapup of our progress toward making EOSDT a useful and common stablecoin, and how the Equilibrium framework drives it and evolves by way of community voting.

Here’s what you need to know.

The first major parameter changes have taken place on our framework

The minimum collateralization ratio has dropped from 170% to 130%, while liquidation penalties shrank from 20% to 15%.

There’s also been changes to our voting system — there is a growing dissatisfaction among the EOS community and its BP candidates over the election rules that drive the EOSIO network. We have updated the way our own proxy voting is driven on the EOS mainnet. Be sure to check out this video recap.

We announced a ton of exciting partnerships

From wallet software to various DEXes, the EOSDT decentralized stablecoin continues to gain traction as compatible currency on a new batch of platforms. You can read more about each at the links below:

We’re packing our bags for Singapore

Come check out our decentralized finance event Crypto DeFiance, happening November 16th, the day after BlockShow in Singapore. It’s a full day of expert panels, insightful commentary, and a gathering of the global blockchain community!

Don’t miss our DeFi Brainstorm, a competition attached to the event. If you’ve got an idea for a great DeFi project, then you can win a $5,000 grant to help bring it to life. We are accepting applications now until November 15. Three finalists will present their ideas on November 16, and we’ll announce the winner the same day.

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