Equilibrium November Report: What A Month It’s Been

December 05, 2019
Equilibrium November Report: What A Month It’s Been

As we work toward making Equilibrium a game-changing DeFi platform that drives adoption, it’s once again time for us to tell you what we’ve been up to over the past month.

Let’s get into it.

There’s a new proxy voting system.

User can now vote for three block producers by staking the appropriate amount of NUT, and 30 winners will be chosen in realtime for receiving more NUT stakes. We also announced new incentives to move community members to vote: a rewards system around the Proxy voting. BP candidates compete for the community’s votes by pledging a daily reward paid in EOS — 90% of the rewards from applied BPs will be distributed to collateral holders, and 10% goes to NUT holders who stake NUT to the EOSDT governance contract.

You can check it out on our voting page here.

Crypto DeFiance was a huge success.

We held our Crypto DeFiance conference in Singapore the day after BlockShow Asia 2019, and it went off with a bang. Attendees from around the world were on hand to represent their projects, network, and learn more about DeFi. Panels of experts offered valuable insight from stage.

You can learn more by reading our Crypto DeFiance wrapup post here.

Our CEO participated in Blockshow Asia 2019 and conducted an AMA.

Equilibrium’s fearless leader Alex Melikhov became a participant of one of the hottest discussion at Blockshow Asia 2019 in Singapore. Together with Antonio Fatás, Søren Peter Nielsen, Samson Mow he discussed developmental progress for stablecoins with moderator Chia Hock Lai. If you didn't see it, you missed a lot.

Watch full panel discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxsPi5X93xg

Also he took to the Guarda Telegram group to run an “ask me anything” session. Participants asked him a wide variety of questions, from how Equilibrium compares to MakerDAO to how our products drive DeFi use cases. You can read a highlight of that AMA here on the Guarda blog.

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