Equilibrium June 2019 Summary

July 05, 2019
Equilibrium June 2019 Summary

It’s been a banner month for Equilibrium — we continue to gain momentum with key integrations, listings, and public events. All of this effort coalesces to make our cryptocurrency framework into one of the most effective stablecoin mechanisms out there, and we’re proud to be serving the EOS community so diligently.

Here’s how our work shaped up for June 2019.

Major news!

June saw us launch our new research and development division, Equilibrium Labs, which aims to work on compelling new concepts in decentralized finance. This division is currently completing research and improvement on the Smart Token stablecoin algorithm recently proposed by Daniel Larimer. At the next stage, we are going to develop new price-pegged algorithms to bring enhanced liquidity to the crypto market, opening new business opportunities for the emergent decentralized finance space.


Equilibrium’s core assets, EOSDT and NUT, are available on a growing number of exchanges and wallets. These include Yolo, Freewallet, Changelly, TokenPocket, and NewDex.

You can even get on-demand price information for EOSDT at the popular crypto resource site CoinMarketCap.


We hosted the EOS Hong Kong Meetup for networking and a round table discussion.


Inc mentioned EOSDT as one of 4 fast ways to fund your business.

Altcoin Magazine covered our entry into the stablecoin market with a deep analytical interview with our CEO Alex Melikhov. The story reveals some impressive DApp statistics, as well as insights on centralized stablecoin competition.

We enjoyed continued attention from the Everything EOS podcast, with a new episode completely devoted to Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov and legal council Josh Goodbody. The podcast covers a lot of useful information on stablecoin regulation.

An interview about big blockchain development issues and how to solve them appeared on Dfuse.

Equilibrium earned lots of media attention in China, perhaps most notably from 8BTC.

TechBullion published a guide to EOSDT, which you can read here.

CoinCodex praised EOSDT as one of four EOS stablecoins to look out for in 2019.

Collateral milestones

The Equilibrium framework crossed 2.5 million collateralized EOS, making for some $15 million USD stored in our smart contracts. Our collateral holders gained 0.3% profit from open collateralized debt positions, an impressive number to share.

Stay tuned and watch us achieve even more in July!

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