Equilibrium July Summary

August 14, 2020
Equilibrium July Summary

July has brought us several tech milestones and new partnerships, and yet another coin listing. Let’s review the month’s highlights.

Lever up your EOS with Equilbrium’s pyramiding!

Together with the leading decentralized exchange Newdex, Equilibrium has developed a new product called pyramiding, which is aimed to maximally leverage your trading and get the most out of your EOS. By means of this mechanism, you increase your asset exposure on one and the same trade by using our convenient borrowing mechanism with flexible collateralization vs risk exposure. Our calculation service makes using this instrument fast and easy.

New mobile Interface

Now all our features are manageable via our mobile DApp, including our user interface and our staking pool. All your assets and transactions appear in one place. Our dashboard gives users a heads-up display of all the vital information you might need on your EOSDT positions, your savings pool activity, or the current state of voting for EOS block producers on Equilibrium’s EOSDT proxy.

Partnership with Wombat

Equilibrium started cooperation with Wombat, an EOS-based wallet plus gaming center that also supports Telos and its native currency. It is adding support to our stablecoin EOSDT and utility token NUT, and hosting our DApp in its explorer. In turn, we have integrated the wallet into our website. Wombat offers high security – private key encryption and recovery, and you can protect your private key with your fingerprint or facial ID. The wallet is particularly user friendly and comes with several benefits, like free EOS and Telos account creation, free and automatic resource staking, easy crypto purchases per credit card, and unlimited play for selected games.

We created a detailed guide for staking

Our staking system is an ideal way to earn passive income using all of our assets: EOSDT, NUT, and EOS. In July we prepared a convenient step-by-step guide on how to do it. The overall process of staking and getting yield is pretty straightforward — choose the currency, set the stake size, connect your wallet, transfer crypto — and you are all set. Use our practical calculator to balance your staking and predicted returns.

EOSDT and NUT were listed on Xangle

We are proud to have been listed on Xangle, a valuable resource and disclosure platform for the crypto market. It collects and curates real-time data on companies and crypto value to assess their value and potential, thereby assisting market participants to cut through the clutter on the crypto market and find solid projects.  
Equilibrium’s staking product was added to “Staking Rewards”

As we tweeted to recently, Staking Rewards is a leading data-provider for staking and crypto-growth tools which rates and reviews projects. Our listing with them includes a handy overview of our project and a calculator to check your earnings.

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