Equilibrium July 2019 Summary

August 05, 2019
Equilibrium July 2019 Summary

It’s been another month of progress for Equilibrium. We’re still getting our EOSDT and NUT assets integrated into key wallet software, listed on major exchanges, and sending our team to public events around the world. It all serves to make our stablecoin and utility token more widely available, add major momentum to the EOS ecosystem, open up new opportunities for decentralized finance businesses around the world, and smooth out the volatility so commonly associated with cryptocurrency.

Here’s what we accomplished in July 2019.

Major news!

We successfully launched our REX implementation and conducted a first round of off-chain voting for EOS block producers to be staked with Equilibrium’s collateral. Voters were able to choose up to 30 BPs to receive a stake. More than 3,800 people took part in choosing among 200 different BPs, resulting in 2.5 million EOS being staked.

If you missed your chance to vote, don’t worry: there’s a new round of voting taking place right now. It will run until August 9th at 3 PM GMT, and it will be the final round of off-chain voting before we implement on-chain voting with NUT tokens. This time there’s a stake of over 4 million EOS on the table.

Listings and integrations

Blockchain exploration platform Bloks.io has added an Equilibrium widget that lets users generate EOSDT and manage their existing positions.

The Delta portfolio app now supports tracking the price of NUT and EOSDT in real time.

Decentralized exchange Findex now supports EOSDT and NUT.

Our assets are now also available on Chinese wallet Chattle.


Equilibrium was at Tech Meet-Up Day in Seoul, South Korea.

We also held a meetup in Hong Kong.

Equilibrium in media

Equilibrium Labs has been hard at work exploring Daniel Larimer's ideas for a new stablecoin pegging algorithm based on the Bancor protocol. Hackernoon published the results of this research, so check it out to learn if it's a good idea or not. Spoiler alert: it is not market-making and it should be further developed.

We got a flattering shoutout on the EOS New Weekly video podcast. Check out why they think Equilibrium is "really cool," "really powerful," and how we build functionality "you don't see on any other platform.

BTC Wires profiled our choice to build on top of the EOSIO technology stack.

Captain Altcoin published an entry-level explanation of what Equilibrium does and how it works.

Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov was quoted in a CryptoRadar story about why Bitcoin growth is slowing. As you know, EOSDT was specifically launched to calm volatility for one of the largest crypto coins.

Collateral milestones

At the time of this writing, Equilibrium has collateralized more than 4 million EOS (worth approximately $17.5 million USD) to generate 5.3 million EOSDT.

REX implementation

Our REX implementation went live in July, and this gives users a way to earn money using the Equilibrium framework. This sees people stake EOS (they basically lend it to the system) and earn fees on that stake as others borrow it in the form of CPU/NET resources. It works out to be passive income on your crypto holdings!

Our NUT token has the highest market cap across all EOS tokens now. Rating by eosgo.io.

We also partnered with blockchain-powered voting service Lumeos to conduct some research on the stablecoin market and better understand where we fit within it. We learned that 74% of respondents have either heard of EOSDT or actively use it. 46% indicated that they know Equilibrium offers the opportunity to generate this stablecoin using EOS cryptocurrency as collateral.

Here’s to achieving even more in August, and don’t miss your chance to vote for you favorite block producers in our last off-chain voting session here!

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