Equilibrium January Summary: A New Quarter, A New Year

February 05, 2021
Equilibrium January Summary: A New Quarter, A New Year

We’re freshly rested from the holiday season and eager to get back to work unlocking the full potential of the DeFi space. The system specs on our rapidly developing interoperable money market improve with each new partnership, and we continue to see real demand for our products and assets.

As we enter February (and head deeper into Q1), let’s complete a short review of the month that was January 2021

We signed two new partners

We kicked off January 2021 with a partnership with Tidal that will see them offer decentralized insurance to our users. Our CEO Alex Melikhov also participated in a joint AMA with Tidal founder Chad Liu on our Telegram chat.

We finalized a mutually beneficial arrangement with network validator Ryabina, who will join our existing pool of validators and create a chatbot for us. This partnership will increase the reliability of our DeFi services and our overall consensus mechanism.

Unveiling our parachain lease offering strategy

Our parachain lease offering (PLO) will be a fundraising mechanism for generating funds in DOT across two distinct phases. The first phase will be a token swap, in which users exchange their DOT for our EQ token and collect a bonus in the process. The second phase will see users stake additional DOT to our system while they earn EQ as a reward. This PLO matters because it will be the only way to get your hands on our EQ token. If you want to learn more — especially about how the entire PLO process is risk-free for participants — then you can read the full details here.

If you want to take action now, register for our whitelist to get a 1% EQ bonus on your contributions to the PLO! More than 2,000 people have already registered.

We hosted our second community call

We held the second edition of our monthly community call in January. Just like the first one in December, it featured Equilibrium’s Director of Customer Success Leslie Czuma, CEO Alex Melikhov, and Senior Project Manager Peter Sergeev. Together they spoke live to our community on the upcoming PLO, discuss where Equilibrium is headed, and answer audience questions. You can watch a video replay of the call right here.

January was eventful in China

Alex along with business consultant Rex Huang participated in China’s GILD show at Jinse, the mainstream blockchain news outlet.

Also, we took part in several AMAs for the Chinese audience.

We had other impactful events

We ran several AMAs across Gains Chat, CryptoDiffer, Blockelite, and BlockchainCore. Lesley, our Director of Customer Success, joined the first event hosted by Polkadot Defi Alliance.

We had a number of opportunities to discuss our project and future plans with new audiences that can still derive value from our products. We fielded questions ranging from why we chose to develop on Polkadot to what we expect the DeFi landscape to reveal in 2021. We’re happy to be building awareness for Equilibrium around the world.

If you’re just joining us, we suggest you catch up on all our major happenings from last year by reading our 2020 summary report. We’ve gained a lot of momentum over the past 12 months and that year-in-review will quickly get you up to speed with us.

Until then, let’s power into February and continue executing our plans for Q1. We’ll talk to you soon as the Parachain Lease Offering gears up for launch!

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