Equilibrium is now available on EOS Lynx

May 16, 2019
Equilibrium is now available on EOS Lynx

Equilibrium’s EOSDT and NUT tokens are officially available on the EOS Lynx wallet. It’s never been easier to transact in EOSDT and NUT, thanks to this new integration with the EOS Lynx ecosystem, that enables users to generate EOSDT seamlessly from the wallet’s user interface. This allows wallet users to complete the full cycle of locking up their EOS, generating and receiving EOSDT, accessing and sending it in just a few minutes, all without leaving their wallet account.

EOS Lynx is one of the first and most popular EOS wallets, running on desktop, Android, and iOS. Its user-friendly frontend lets anyone create an account in seconds and start transferring funds securely. It facilitates access to a constantly growing list of EOS dApps, which now also features the Equilibrium framework gateway, and offers many other features for the everyday consumer. It’s fully transparent and has a zero-fee transaction policy — it holds true to the core values of the blockchain community.

We see this as the first of many wallet integrations for EOSDT and NUT, allowing an optimal user experience for the EOS community.

Don’t forget to visit our Equilibrium Telegram chat to let us know which wallets and services you prefer for EOS. Stay tuned for further announcements!

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