Equilibrium Is Heading To The CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit

March 04, 2020
Equilibrium Is Heading To The CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit

We’re co-hosting the DeFi stage at CryptoCompare’s big London conference, happening March 10.

CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Summit is one of the most anticipated blockchain and cryptocurrency events in Europe, uniting institutional, retail, regulatory, and technology experts under one roof. They’ll discuss the latest developments and opportunities in the digital asset industry for an entire day across three different stages.

The conference will cover topics familiar to many DeFi enthusiasts: the evolution of the digital asset marketplace, methods for preserving market integrity, the role of digital asset derivatives, and more. A number of key DeFi people will make onstage appearances during the event, so come check it out!

Our CEO Alex Melikhov will give an overview of cross-chain compatibility — what it is and why it’s important for the industry and specifically for DeFi — as well as offer some thoughts on how long we’ll have to wait to see it become a practical reality. Then Josh Goodbody, our chief legal counsel (who also pulls double-duty as director of growth and institutional business at Binance) will moderate a panel of industry leaders discussing the state of the stablecoin market and where it’s heading.

We are also hosting a panel on cross-chain methodologies. A little more technically involved, this panel will address the solutions that let different blockchains interact with each other and work together.

It’s going to be an exciting conference with lots of major DeFi partners in attendance, like MakerDAO, ConsenSys, Parity Technologies, and Chainlink, who will be there to tell everyone what’s new and interesting in DeFi. We’re proud to be among such esteemed companies.

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