Equilibrium Introduces New Mobile Interface

July 08, 2020
Equilibrium Introduces New Mobile Interface

As we explained earlier, we’ve updated our entire web application. Now we are thrilled to announce the new mobile version, which offers all the same convenient features and exceptional user experience! You can use it to create and manage positions, stake EOS/EOSDT or NUT, vote for block producers directly from your mobile phone — and do all of this using an exceptionally user-friendly interface!

Let’s get into how things have changed in the wake of this update. There are several main things to review:


You can connect your favorite wallet and see the dashboard that shows all of your activities. It connects to major wallets.

Staking Pool

Staking is also available on your mobile device. You can choose which currency you want to stake (EOS, EOSDT, or NUT) by switching cards. Also, find out how much you can earn in two months, six months, and one year. Of course, you can check all starts and stake more or unstake. All your actions are recorded in the history section.

EOSDT Generating

Choose BTC or EOS collateral and create a position. As you recall, thanks to the pToken adaptor technology, we now work with Bitcoin.

Track all necessary numbers and manage your position. All your assets and transactions appear in one place.

Our new user-friendly mobile interface is available for all of Equilibrium’s products. Now it’s easy to use our DApp from anywhere.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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