Equilibrium Has Staked All 2.5 Million Of Its EOS

July 16, 2019
Equilibrium Has Staked All 2.5 Million Of Its EOS

Equilibrium Proxy has gone live, staking over 2.5 million EOS to 30 different block producers chosen by the community.

REX lets us stake all of Equilibrium’s collateral and distribute the rewards to users who have collateralized their EOS within the framework. We’re pleased to share that we got Equilibrium Proxy up and running months ahead of schedule.

This staking helped many of the chosen 30 BPs move higher within the ranks of the EOS blockchain. Yes, Equilibrium is about generating EOSDT stablecoins, but contributing to EOSIO’s decentralized governance is another one of our intended contributions.

Now we turn our attention to the next stage — implementing on-chain voting using NUT tokens. When that new voting mechanism goes live, we’ll host a new round of voting for new BPs to stake directly from the framework.

Read more about the REX implementation roadmap here.

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