Equilibrium: Cryptocurrency Framework Rebranding

February 28, 2020
Equilibrium: Cryptocurrency Framework Rebranding

For over a year since our inception in 2018, the logo of Equilibrium and EOSDT – our signature three-dimensional ‘E’ made of separate blocks – remained the same for both the parent company and the stablecoin.

Equilibrium framework: new logo

While EOSDT has been our flagship project setting the new standard for the entire industry with the Stability Fund, Equilibrium cryptocurrency framework is not only about the safe, transparently backed stablecoin. It’s a comprehensive ecosystem that provides the backbone for decentralized finance (DeFi).

As we kept growing and expanding, the need for our visual identity to reflect the structure and core philosophy of the ecosystem became inevitable. The search for more accurate reflection of our values lead to the rebranding of Equilibrium crypto framework.

We are happy to present you the results.

The Equilibrium framework is a software service with a consensus based governance system. EOSDT and Native Utility Token (NUT) are not a security or a regulated instrument. The use of this site and the Equilibrium self-service gateway is subject to Terms and Conditions, by accessing this site you agree to these Terms.