Equilibrium Crowdloan Bonus Structure

October 07, 2021
Equilibrium Crowdloan Bonus Structure

We’ve got some strong incentives on offer for those who participate in our crowdloan on Polkadot — let’s review them below.

As a reminder, Equilibrium’s PLO is happening in two phases with a total allocation of 12 million EQ tokens (10% of the supply) up for grabs. Phase one was a DOT/EQ token swap, in which we collected 250,000 DOT and distributed 4 million EQ tokens. The second phase will be a crowdloan that sees 8 million EQ tokens distributed to those who stake their DOT in support of Equilibrium’s parachain.

There are some compelling bonuses on offer that should move you to participate! Here they are.

A 10% bonus for waitlist participants on their contributions

If you register for the crowdloan waitlist you’ll get a 10% bonus on your crowdloan contribution to the crowdloan.

Joining the waitlist will also give you priority over others in our fluid DOT staking, as well as early access to Equilibrium as soon as we win the parachain slot. Also, you will get an exclusive referral link that will allow you to earn on contributions done via this link.

Waitlist registration is open until October 31st, so don’t delay! Register here.

A 10% bonus for the PLO first phase participants

We’ve got bonuses that go beyond that as well. Everyone who participated in the first phase of our PLO will get a 10% bonus on their contribution to the crowdloan.

A 15%+X whale bonus

We’ve also got a so-called “whale bonus” for those who want to pledge 10,000 DOT or more. The guaranteed bonus on these large-sized contributions is 15%. Depending on how many tokens on EQ allocation remain after we win the slot, these participants can expect to share this leftover proportionally to their stakes.

6% referral bonus (3% for referrals + 3% for referees)

Every participant of the referral program (including waitlist participants) will receive an exclusive referral link. It will bring them a 3% bonus on every contribution made by their friends. Their friends will also get a 3% bonus for using the referral links.  

This crowdloan matters because it is a meaningful way to get your hands on our core system asset, the EQ token, while receiving bonuses according to the above schedule and simultaneously enhancing Equilibrium’s liquidity and functionality.

We will announce the rate and more detail on the distribution mechanics soon. For now please save your spot on the waitlist and stay tuned!

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