Equilibrium creates advisory board

October 30, 2020
Equilibrium creates advisory board

We have the honor to have acquired several top-notch experts who are joining our newly established Advisory Board. Each of them is a specialist in their field. We are excited about them joining us and look forward to the added value and support that they will bring us in this next phase of the company.

High-quality advice can give a company a decisive advantage in the market by maximizing the impact of strategy planning. A key point here is to carefully decide on the board’s purpose and the roles of its participants, so that this management instrument is designed from the start to maximize our potential. We expect that the board will benefit Equilibrium’s development overall. Let’s introduce our advisors to you and find out what they think about their appointment with Equilibrium.

Eric Wang. Ecosystem Development Lead at Parity Technologies. Previously co-founder at Archon (led fundraising — ~$2.1M seed round, BD and research). A former partner at Bica Capital. BSc from UCLA, MSc from Stanford. Key expertise: Substrate ecosystem growth, institutional blockchain. Eric will be an advisor on Equilibrium’s ecosystem development.

“Being in charge of ecosystems at Parity, I am very aware of the importance of networking. Building connections is key for blockchain solutions, which work on the P2P principle: Here, cooperation is everything, since we don’t have the kind of zero-sum competition you had in the old economy. On top of that, I see that Equilibrium can offer a lot of value to its peers and am excited about precipitating that.”

Joe Petrowski. Senior Research Analyst at Parity Technologies. A former engineer at Lockheed Martin & Boeing. BSc Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Key expertise: math modelling and computer simulations. Advisory on the Initial Parachain Offering strategy.

“Before I got involved in blockchain, I was an aerospace engineer and developed techniques to simulate shock and vibration during satellite launches. Acting as a strategic advisor on a company’s board is a little like that — you model and simulate different scenarios so that afterwards, the business can take off like a rocket.”

In addition to our two advisors, Eric Wang and Joe Petrowski, we are pleased to also have the opportunity to have Kevin Hu on board as an angel investor. Kevin is a Partner at Dragonfly Capital. Previously at BlackRock Alternative Investments. BSc Mathematics and Statistics. Key expertise: product and capital market strategy.

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