Equilibrium August 2019 Summary: Let the On-Chain Voting Begin!

September 06, 2019
Equilibrium August 2019 Summary: Let the On-Chain Voting Begin!

As summer turns to fall, we continue working on Equilibrium's transition from the framework behind the EOSDT stablecoin to an intuitive environment for creating advanced DeFi products that can use the out-of-the-box liquid stablecoins pegged to multiple currencies. We’ve also made further headway by listing our core assets on major exchanges and integrating with popular wallet providers.

Here’s what we accomplished in August 2019.

Major News!

On-chain voting

This month we debuted our on-chain voting process for EOS block producers (BPs). This system lets those who hold our NUT utility token choose BPs to be staked with Equilibrium’s EOS collateral (more than 4.8 million at the moment). As this happens on the blockchain, voting is conducted in a completely transparent and tamperproof manner.

You can check out the BPs who won our first round of on-chain voting right here. If you missed your chance to vote this time around, don’t worry, we're choosing new BPs every ten days, and the collateral pool only gets larger each time. Visit our voting page voting.eosdt.com in order to participate!

Smart contract updates

We are in the process of becoming a dApp Service Provider (DSP) and will be reducing the collateralization requirements for the Equilibrium framework. For this reason, we’ve issued some updates to the smart contracts that drive our framework and partnered with LiquidApps dApp network. You can read about those updates in detail here. Stay tuned, we’ll share some great news on this soon!

Listings and integrations

We’ve collaborated with one of the crypto market’s most renowned wallets, Huobi Wallet. EOSDT is the first EOS-based stablecoin to join the seven other price-stable currencies supported there.

The eighth exchange to support the Equilibrium framework’s core asset is none other than Cripto InterCambio, one of the best instant exchanges in Latin America. And speaking of exchanges, Newdex recently added a new EOS/EOSDT trading pair to their stablecoin-related trading zone.

Equilibrium’s assets are now available through Nova Wallet.

Available across iOS and Android devices as well as any web browser, wallet software Math Wallet added EOSDT and NUT compatibility.

Infinito Wallet added our core assets to its list of supported crypto tokens.

Dragon Option is a dApp that blends binary options trading with the cryptocurrency world. It now accepts EOSDT for users who want to place bets on how the value of different cryptocurrencies will fluctuate.

The MyKEY multi-chain wallet added framework support that lets users generate EOSDT from directly within their wallet.

Our dApp has launched on EOS Live, a major resource hub for the Chinese EOS community.

Equilibrium in the media

Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov talked about the business processes that make Equilibrium successful in this interview with Disruptor Daily.

Chief Legal Counsel Josh Goodbody published an op-ed in TechBullion that takes a closer look at Facebook’s proposed Libra stablecoin. Josh was also interviewed by Fintech Switzerland about what drives mass adoption of stablecoins.

It's been two eventful years since the genesis of two large smart contract platforms, EOS and ETH. This fall, Bitcoin.com is checking in on several of the leading projects to see what the rest of 2019 looks like for them. In this light, Equilibrium was mentioned as a project of note.

We got a flattering shoutout on EOS News Weekly #32.

Colin Talks Crypto also gave us some attention on his EOS Mega Update show.

Adar Weinreb, Equilibrium’s lead of business development, covered the rising competition within the stablecoin market for EOS Writer.

Check out Kyle Ellicott’s podcast with Alex and Josh that covers virtually everything you need to know about stablecoins in just a 30-minute interview.

We were even featured on the latest edition of EOS Hot Sauce, a show by EOS Nation.

Collateral milestones

At the time of this writing, Equilibrium has collateralized more some 4.8 million EOS (worth approximately $15.6 million USD) to generate 5.6 million EOSDT.
Here’s to achieving even more in August, and don’t miss your chance to vote for you favorite block producers in the next voting session here!

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