Equilibrium April Recap

May 07, 2020
Equilibrium April Recap

April was chock full of updates and events, as you’ve no doubt come to expect from us by now. Not only did integrate our support for BTC collateral, but EOSDT celebrated a major milestone while we simultaneously booked compelling AMA sessions with a number of movers and shakers within DeFi.

There’s no letting up, and we’ve got plenty of exciting updates coming for you throughout May, June, and the rest of 2020. But it’s helpful to look behind us at what we’ve already accomplished so that we don’t lose sight of how far we’ve come, and to remind us of how much more good work still remains to be done.

Here’s how April shook out for Equilibrium and the EOSDT stablecoin.

EOSDT turns one year old

When humans turn one year old, they’re still toddlers who can barely express themselves. When niche financial technology like a decentralized stablecoin hits the one-year mark, it only does so because it’s grown into a mature and reliable product in that same short time span.

EOSDT, our flagship stablecoin product, hit this noteworthy age this past month. You can read more about it here.

We held an AMA with MaxDapp

Crypto YouTuber MaxDapp graced our AMA audience with an energetic interview filled with great details and explanation. You can watch the playback here.

Our own CEO took the AMA hotseat.

Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov similarly sat down for a round of questions and answers from the community. You can check that AMA out right here.

Alex also took questions from the Huobi Wallet community.

As part of a different AMA, our CEO shared his time with the Huobi Wallet audience on YouTube, taking questions from the crowd and generally spreading the word about Equilibrium.

You can watch the video here.

Emin Gun Sirer shared his thoughts with us via another AMA.

The Ava Labs founder dropped so much wisdom in this Q&A session that it made headlines on Cointelegraph. Check out the video playback to see him dish knowledge on distributed systems and peer-to-peer technology.

We rolled out a brand new DeFi web portal

The section of the Equilibrium site where you actually generate EOSDT stablecoins was moved to the Equilibrium website that turns into an all-in-one DeFi hub. It will become the one stop shop for users who can now access multiple DeFi instruments in a single place. It’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Our users now have an easy-to-use heads-up display for monitoring all available products and specifically every essential statistic about the lifecycles of their EOSDT positions.

Equilibrium is now compatible with BTC collateral

In a true first for an EOS-based system, Equilibrium can generate stablecoins backed by BTC collateral. This functionality has been a long time coming, and is made possible by our integration with pTokens technology. You can read all the details on it here.

Stay tuned for further updates coming out this month and beyond!

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