Equilibrium And Genshiro Partner With Pinknode

August 04, 2021
Equilibrium And Genshiro Partner With Pinknode

As Equilibrium and Genshiro vie for a parachain slot, we are getting some backup from a new partner to help our networks run at maximum scalability.

We are joining forces with Pinknode, the Polkadot-only infrastructure-as-a-service project that aims to accelerate adoption and simplify the process of developing on top of it. Pinknode provides API endpoints through a streamlined onboarding process to maintain secure, reliable, and scalable node infrastructure.

In our case, Pinknode will provide us with secure API endpoints, full node-running services, and collator node-running services. In return, Pinknode’s architecture will see higher usage volume as traffic increases on our platforms — both will benefit as we work toward winning a parachain slot.

“Genshiro proves that it has much to offer as a parachain candidate,” said Pinknode co-founder Eric Poh. “With its user traffic projected to expand considerably after this auction round, Pinknode’s exceptionally secure and scalable architecture will aid in the facilitation of its burgeoning growth.”

We’re looking forward to securing our parachain slot, and we’re grateful to have Pinknode among our backup to make it happen!

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